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School Nurse (part-time)

School Positions
School Nurse (part-time)
Raleigh, NC

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School is seeking a part-time school nurse.


  • Bachelors degree in Nursing with a current license as a registered nurse in the State of North Carolina.
  • Minimum of three years clinical experience
  • Ability to communicate effectively with students, school leadership, parents and health care professionals.


  • Maintains student health records, reviews records of entering students for immunizations, ensures all components of the School Health Entrance Requirements including immunization are complete and up to date, notes health conditions documented on forms, collects information for reports, and keeps emergency information up to date;
  • Informs administrators and school personnel about students with health issues, in compliance with medical privacy regulations;
  • Administers medication to appropriate students, with parental permission and a doctor's order for prescription medication; keeps medication permission forms on file;
  • Trains staff to administer medications under certain circumstances in the nurse's absence or for field trips; Ensures proper documentation;
  • Supplies and adequately maintains the school clinic; secures medications including controlled substances as required;
  • Maintains list of school staff trained in First Aid/CPR;
  • Performs medical procedures as prescribed by physician;
  • Appropriately documents clinic services to students; enters health information in the Student Information System.
  • Assists sick or injured students and staff, performs routine and emergency first aid;
  • Calls parents of ill students; assists ill students as needed until parent arrives;
  • Manages outbreaks of infectious illnesses with input from physicians, the health department and district guidelines as appropriate; follows health department directives regarding management of such illnesses when applicable;
  • Refers additional health concerns as appropriate to a physician, Child Protective Services, school administrator or health department officials;
  • Serves as a liaison with the public health department and other community agencies;
  • Conducts basic screening programs as mandated in hearing and vision; refers students for follow-up;
  • Provides guidance to staff for health related procedures for students with special health needs;
  • May train/supervise unlicensed personnel to provide necessary health care;
  • Ensures compliance with law that all schools with at least one student with diabetes have at all times two staff members trained in the administration of insulin and glucagon;
  • Ensures compliance with all laws protecting the confidentiality of medical information and obtains written consent of parent/guardian to share information;
  • Performs clerical duties to keep records up-to-date
  • Advises administrators, teachers, and cafeteria staff (with consent) on all students with food allergies; develops or obtains care plans for students with food allergies and advises school personnel in recognizing the signs of food allergies and the appropriate steps to take including the administration of epinephrine;
  • Performs other health related duties as assigned by Principal or designee.

Please send your resume to Sister Therese Bauer,, if interested in the position.