Human Life and Dignity

“What we are called to respect in each person is first of all his life, his physical integrity, his dignity and the rights deriving from that dignity, his reputation, his property, his ethnic and cultural identity, his ideas and his political choices.” Pope Francis (7/10/13)

Human Life and Dignity is primarily responsible for educating, inspiring, and inviting the participation to embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church on the protection and sanctity of every man and woman, from the moment of conception to natural death, especially with regard to the most vulnerable. The office serves as a resource for education, advocacy and evangelization, addressing Catholic social teaching in proclaiming the Gospel and seeking the common good.

In exercising its ministry, Human Life and Dignity develops programs and provides resources, coordination and training for social ministries and respect life ministries for parishes throughout the Diocese of Raleigh. The office collaborates with partners such as Catholic Charities and works with non-Catholic organizations on issues of mutual concern.

This area includes initiatives related to respect life issues (such as abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, etc.) and social concerns issues (such as poverty, hunger, immigrants, the aged, those imprisoned, death penalty, religious freedom and the promotion of pathways to peace, etc).